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This 1/2 Day Virtual Event For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Includes:
  • ​Get Empowered With Everything You Need To Know:  Get for  a virual event designed to empower Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with everything they need to make money. All workshops and sessions will be followed with LIVE Q & A!
  • Create Products To Dominate Your Niche:  Discover how  to create products and dominate your niche with some unique and unknown strategies specifically designed for this event.  
  • Support with laser coaching and Live Q&A for everyone of the attendees to help them acheive mastery in thier niche! We love Q & A! DrFaye will bring some people on and work with them LIVE!
  • ​Enjoy 2 Full Days of Content and Networking with Experts.
1/2 Day (March 12th) \
(If you missed this date contact us for the next training)
Time:(9AM CST-11AM CST
  • Precision Decision Mastery : Discover your cell brain and how to use it to never feel stuck again.
  • W.O.W*Work On Your Wealth Workshop ™: This session is specifically designed to unmask the truth behind why the rich get richer...Solomon..talants and oil. 
  • Meet ​The Oil Man Session: Patterns...Possibility...Power...The 3 things every wealthy person knows. 
  • ​From Hobby To Lobby Workshop: Discover how ideas can become Architectural Blueprints to increase sells while decreasing the time in the cubicle.  
  • ​​The Master's Genius Workshop: How to create a productivity center that delivers. You will discover how to get rid of STUFF™...Stop Tolling Under Fear of Failure... embrace your true Genius! ​
  • ​Seed To Harvest Now Workshop:  Discover The Seed to  Harvest Method ™ that will help you make more money even when you are home alone.  
  • Raising C.A.I.N Workshop: Cast All Inferior Notions aside.  How to get over the fear of not being good enough... not having enough... Discover  why you are your good enough. 
  • Blissfully Convicted Workshop:  How to build relationships across your niche without coming off as being sellsy. 
  • ​One -Throne- One -Crown Workshop:  A complete walk-through on the value of connections to make the Bank VIP you.
  • ​Recruiting Your Deciples Workshop ™  Unmask your true followers even if you are not on Twitter.  
  • ​Unwrapping Gifts Amplification  Workshop:  You will walk into the revelation of on how to renew your exposure... maximize you sells. ! 
  • Talk Ain't Cheap Workshop:   Discover the treasure house of goods wrapped up in your skin...all of it!   
  • ​Outstanding-Standing You Workshop:  Unveilig the value added traits you never knew you had...offering yourself as the HIGH TICKET OFFER.
  • Business, Building Branding and Broacasting™ : You will learn how to stand out...and sound off in getting your message heard.
  • The DesAwesome ™ Rule Workshop:   Step into the  your message and let it lead you with conviction! You will never again feel guilty about making money--lots of it too! 
  • Hack Happy Workshop: How to access secrets others are using everyday that will increase your sells and bring more fullfillment. 
  •  They Love Me-They Love Me Not Method™: Finally hack into how to stop the "Love em-Leave'em syndrome. Create raving fans..on and off line to increase sells and make more money.  
  • Br​eaking Up Is Hard To Do-Staying In It-is Harder: Unleashed your Unlimited Life Relaunch ™... there is a good cloud present...see your life through unbroken-untained  lenses. 
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